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Disney Stained Glass 

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a thing was done and my dash did it


a thing was done and my dash did it

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Time for another giveaway! 

There will be three winners and they will all be chosen at random. Giveaway ends on August 6th. 

How to enter:

  • like the post!
  • reblog as many times as you want!
  • must be following my blog!

What you get if you win:

  • first place gets a beautiful Elsa necklace
  • second place gets a super cute Marie necklace
  • third place gets a fabulous Ariel keychain

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Two lucky winners will get some beautifully inspired Little Mermaid Accessories. One this lovely Headband and the other this inspired little mermaid mickey mouse necklace!  

This is a unique and fun way to share your love of the Little Mermaid and Disney. How perfect and fun would these be to wear to the parks. The headband will be perfect for those warm Disney vacation days! Of course they are so beautiful and fit perfectly whoever you are that you might want to just wear them all the time! 


Check it out!



Starting Date of Contest: July 27th, 2014

Closing Date of Contest: August 1st, 2014

Goal of Contest: Reblog this post

For more chances you can:

1. Message me with what you would buy from the shop 

2. Love it here on tumblr!

3. Follow her on intagram: whistlincowgirl

4. Love the etsy page

5. Follow the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thewhistlincowgirl

6. You can tweet the page, Pin it or facebook and message me the link and I will add your name in for more chances to win! Good Luck!

7. Message me with why you love the little mermaid? 

8. See Disneyland Guru on facebook to enter again!

How to Win:

Step 1- you must be a follower to Disneyland Guru

Step 2- Reblog the post

Rules and Regulations:

- Must live Somewhere in the world!

-Must have a positive page- this means that a page that promotes destructive behavior are not eligible to win.

-No bashing (including me). This is a friendly contest!

- Contestants can spred the word for a contest. If you think of a place to spread this giveaway thats not listed Send me links to where you spread it for more chances to win!

- Must be of the age where parents or legal guardians don’t mind you receiving personal mail.

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Disney Couples Going To Prom


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Grumpy Cat Went to Disneyland and Hated Every Second of It

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Holy Trinity - Feleacu Monastery ,Romania



Holy Trinity - Feleacu Monastery ,Romania

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